Vice-President of the Association:

Jessica Hametz

My name is Jessica Hametz. I have been a Special Education Teacher at Old Bridge High School and proud member of the Old Bridge Education Association since 2005. My active committee involvement began in 2007. I have been passionate about organized labor since I was a child, as both of my parents were active in their own unions during their careers.  Working in a profession that offered the benefits of a union was a driving force in determining my direction in life. And here I am. In 2007 I served as an observer, learning the role of the Grievance Committee. Upon reaching tenure in my teaching position, I was granted a seat at the Grievance Committee table in 2008 and served on the Committee from 2008-2012. Since that time, I have served in various positions within the OBEA such as Co-Chair of Instructional Council, Grievance Co-Chair to Grievance Chair and most recently, a Vice President. I have actively participated in PRIDE events, engaging with the community and members of the OBEA, as well as attending Board of Education meetings. I am currently active on the Budget Committee and Chair of the Philanthropic Committee. Throughout the years, I have attended numerous NJEA Leadership workshops and will continue to remain current on all issues that impact our members. It is my pleasure and honor, to serve you as a Vice President for the next three years.  

Shana Rosenbaum

My name is Shana Rosenbaum. I am a proud Old Bridge Public Schools graduate and have been an elementary special education teacher for 15 years. For the last five years, I have served as building representative at Voorhees Elementary School. The 2021-2022 school year was my first year serving as an association Vice President on the executive board. I have attended many Board of Education meetings, volunteered at multiple Pride events and taken part in numerous Middlesex County Education Association events and workshops. Currently, I  am a member of the following OBEA committees; BOE Recruitment, Pride, Co-chair of Elementary Council, and Chair of Member Engagement. I look forward to serving the members of the Old Bridge Education Association for the next three years as Vice President.

Chris LoNigro (2-Year Term)

Treasurer – Ryan Sobin

It has been an honor to serve as OBEA Treasurer during the past school year and I am very excited to continue for a full term. My experience in different roles in the association has given me a deep understanding of how to best use dues money in the most productive way. I continue to look for new ways to be effective in this role, as John F. Kennedy once put it “Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.”

We have committed to lofty goals that will continue to transform and strengthen our association. I do not have to tell you how important our efforts are given the current climate in education. I commit to you that our ability to adapt quickly will be our strength and resolve that we are much more powerful when we are united. Thank you again for entrusting me with the ability to serve a full term in this role.

Secretary – Mima Pace

My name is Miriam Pace. I’ve been a paraprofessional for Old Bridge Board of Education for 12 years! Currently I am a union representative for paras at Miller Elementary. I just recently became ESP At Large for the Executive Board of Ed and come next school year was voted secretary for the exec board. I’ve lived in Old Bridge, NJ for 24 years with my husband and two sons. 

Vice-President of Secretaries & Security – Ellen Connor

I am the Benefits Coordinator for the Old Bridge School District.  Currently, I serve as the Vice President representing the Secretarial Unit and the Security Guards and the Secretary of the OBEA. I am looking forward to continuing as Vice President representing the unit. 

Vice-President of Field & Maintenance/Custodians/TechnologyJeanette Jensen

Jeannette Jensen is running for re-election as OBEA Vice-President Custodial/F&M/Tech Department. Jeannette has been working in the Old Bridge
system since 1989 as a Custodian. For the past 24 years she’s been a Reporting Custodian. She has served as Unit Director/VP for Custodians/Field, Maintenance & Tech. for many years with 4 OBEA Presidents (Bill McDonald, Ann Chomko, Nicole Saladino, Tim O’Neill and now with our current president Andrew Lewis.) She has helped with many collective bargaining agreements with the Association Committee and the Board of Education that have been successfully negotiated. Jeannette has been NEA Representative Delegate, has attended NJEA, NEA, ESP and Winter/Summer Leadership Workshops. Collective Bargaining, Legal Issues, Health and Safety, POSH Hazard are some of the workshops she has attended. She looks forward to continuing to represent the OBEA members in the years ahead. Thank you all for your support.