What We Do

Here are only a few examples of what members of the OBEA proudly do for the community of Old Bridge.

Jonas Salk Middle School

Teachers make friendly sidewalk greetings with chalk to welcome the students to the new school year.

“I just moved to a new school and had to unpack 85+ boxes. I’m proud of the results!” Mrs. Jung, McDivitt Elementary School
Before and After photos:

The photos below show my room before and then after 23.5 hours of (volunteer) work over the course of five days.

Cooper School- First grade classroom

Before and After photos:

Before and After photos of my classroom at McDivitt School, Colleen Kenny, Second Grade.

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Madison Park School

Speaking with parents and providing information at Open House Night.


Southwood School

Open House Night, giving out free materials for students.


Sandburg Middle School

Giving out highlighters for students to use in their classes.